• Canada – Beautiful British Columbia

    Posted by admin on August 30, 2012

    After much careful planning and a dedication to fitness that ensured we were as fit as two humans could be, Mr Murray McNab and I, Loren Vercoe, esq, saddled our BMW GS motorbikes, and in January 2011 departed Vancouver, Canada for a ride to Buenos Aires, Argentina. This journey has been extensively documented on these pages, the result being I completed the journey, and Murray finished in Cusco, Peru due to health reasons. Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, I arranged to have my bike flown back to Canada to “sell” it. Shipping the bike was successful, and I proceeded to prepare my bike for sale in Vancouver. This preparation included such things as trying out new coffee shops, going to the beach, visiting friends, and generally fussing about. In short, I did not get around to attempting to sell the bike, instead, bought a bike cover, disconnected the battery, put it in storage, and departed for Sydney.