• Ecuador – Day 59, 14371km, 3rd March 2011 – The Centre of the World

    Posted by Murray on March 6, 2011

    Today Loren and I parted company and went to separate hemispheres. It was great to have some time apart after travelling together for 2 months, a good chance to clear the air, work through any pent up issues alone and take a fresh view of the trip.

    We were 2m apart – he stood on one of the equator and I on the other. We were keen to set up a toilet and flush it to see which way the flush would rotate on the north and then on the south. This little exciting experiment was not to be as the gasoline station attendant objected to us hocking his dunny for an hour due to excessive demand at the time. We thought about riding back to EL Cafe de la Vaca (Cow Cafe) to ask them for theirs (see pic).

    It was a pretty cool feeling to be located at “The Centre of the World” as it is named. Ecuador holds claim to it having the only location that can be actually proven for reasons beyond my feeble brain’s capacity. The highlight really was seeing the latitude on the GPS being 0.00, 0.00′, 0.00″ Something I had dreamed of seeing since I was a 3 year old (yep, I need to get out more) …….. umm, when was GPS released on the open market…?

    On and forward!

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  1. Lil Burgmann on March 11, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    I’m impressed – I would be excited about seeing that. Keep having fun Muz.

  2. Anthony McNab on March 16, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Never ever thought about there being a point of zero zero. Very cool. Just got to do the North and the South Pole now. Can you get snow tyres for those rigs?