• Look Ahead – Creel, Mexico

    Posted by Loren on January 18, 2011

    A good nights sleep, and a breakfast of banana’s, OJ and a muffin can do wonders for ones outlook on life. The stovetop espresso maker was broken on the previous days adventure, so couldn’t make the morning quite perfect. The first hour of riding was tentative for Loren, due to confidence at low ebb. A nice warm morning in the dirt soon sorted that out, and the backend was soon hanging out around the corners.

    The roads we are riding are not for the faint hearted, being dirt and with vertical drops down to valley below. It is then a surprise to come across large freight haulers coming the opposite way. How these guys nerves aren’t shot, I don’t know. The ride is wonderful, offering everything you could want on an offroad ride. Plenty of curves, water crossings, villages, passages through the woods. After two days of it, it is really taking it’s toll on both of us. It is physically demanding throwing these bikes around corners, and making sure we stay on top. When we finally hit the pavement, it was a lovely thing. 65Km of beautiful, black, smooth pavement through the Copper Canyon, and to Creel. Dust clouds billowed out of our clothes as we unmounted the trusty steeds for the night.

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