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    Posted by Loren on January 13, 2011

    Quote of the day – from traffic sign – “State Prison, next left.”. Sign beneath “Do not pick up hitch-hikers”

    We have had a very busy few days, racking up the kilometres and getting the last bits of gear together before we head into Mexico, and the next phase of our trip. Two way radio issues were sorted out, allowing us to critique each other’s wave at fellow bikers. There is a great degree of skill and style involved, none the least of which is to ensure the bike stays in a straight trajectory whilst slowly “dragging the arm”, as we have taken to calling it.

    The coastal road south of San Francisco is a 200+km stretch of winding road, steep cliffs, crashing waves and spectacular views allowing us to finally wear in the sides of our tires. An early start meant we avoided the American obsession with the motorhome, and open up all 798cc’s on the BMW’s. The ride would become a temporary distant memory as we hit the freeway through LA and did battle with the 8 lanes of Californian’s who appeared to be going to the same place as we were, Palm Springs.

    We have both been in awe of the road system so far through the USA. The shear number of roads, size and ease of moving from place to place has allowed us to eat through the distance needed to get to Mexico. The cool weather has also had a big part in moving us along. Everyone has been exceptionally friendly, including the nice highway patrol man that pulled me over for changing lanes to close in front of him. A brief check of the fugitive database failed to find a match, and we were on our way again. Murray’s headcam captured the entire moment which added to the amusement factor. It did offer a respite from 45 degree riding style, causes by the crosswinds coming into contact with fully loaded motorbikes.

    A day in Phoenix saw the near finalisation of our kit and Murray to replacing his tires. He was running 70% worn knobbies, causing vibrations that measure on the Richer scale. The guys at Zen Motorcycles went beyond any customer service we have experienced. They very kindly gave us free run of the shop and much appreciated assistance as Muz did repairs on his panniers.

    We are in Tucson, scanning, printing and laminating our documents, and now sitting around having coffee. There is a feeling of sadness in town, as there was a horrific gun masacre here earlier in the week. President Obama is paying his respects at the University of Arizona, just around the corner from where we sitting. We are often asked about the risks in the countries we are going to, but forget about those in our own.

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  1. Ted on January 13, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    great pic’s!~